Find and Book the Perfect B&B for Your Ireland Vacation

We are huge fans of Irish Bed & Breakfasts.  From the warm welcomes with hot tea and scones to the filling Irish breakfast, Ireland’s B&Bs have never left us wishing we had stayed in a hotel.

Room at Glendine Country House, Wexford, Ireland

Our room at Glendine Country House

5 Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast in Ireland

  1. Your host is your best local resource.  Looking for the best restaurant, pub or off the beaten path site?  Your B&B host will be able to tell you that- and plenty more- if you just ask.
  2. A warm welcome.  I’ve yet to enter a B&B and not have tea and biscuits (cookies) offered.  The personal welcome is so much nicer than a reception desk.
  3. One on one conversations.  We’ve spent evenings in cozy sitting rooms talking with our hosts and hearing stories and traditions of Ireland.  Nothing is better than stories told with the beautiful Irish brogue.
  4. A more relaxed stay for families.  You’re entering a home; you’ll feel the difference as soon as you enter. Many B&Bs offer family rooms or have the flexibility to cater to families.  You’re also likely to find open grounds, perfect for the kids to expend their energy.
  5. Traditional Irish Breakfast- included!  A hearty breakfast will fuel you for a day of sight seeing.  Traditional Irish breakfasts consist of eggs, bacon rashers, black pudding, brown bread, potatoes, a broiled tomato and – of course, tea (or coffee).

Find Your Perfect Irish Bed & Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Ireland

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