Best Apps for Ireland Travel

I was thrilled to join Corey from Irish Fireside and Stephanie from Infinite Ireland in this podcast/ Google hangout focusing on the best travel apps for Ireland travel.

You can watch the hangout in the embedded video below, listen to the podcast via iTunes or download to your mp3 player of choice, or visit the Irish Fireside to listen and see the show notes.

Do you have a favorite travel app for Ireland- or anywhere else?


  1. taracollenmc says

    Very Helpful..Luv that you have Android/Kindle/Verizon point of view (= me) and the ipeople point of view (= my dad). Very techno helpful. My dad just surprised me with this trip (it was all “last minute” opportunity knocked- we are jumping thru that door, lol)  So we have 3wks to figure this stuff out!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.. You 3 Rock!!

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