Ireland Travel Question: Which Side of Ireland for a First Vacation?

Ireland vacation question: Which side of Ireland for a first vacation?

Reader Question: If you had to choose one side of the island for your first visit, which would it be? This is a great question, though it is much like asking a parent which child is their favorite. I love it all! So which ‘side’ of Ireland for a first vacation? That may be entirely dependent […]

7 Family Activities in The Burren

The Burren, in County Clare, is filled with surprises. Like this colt, its fuzzy winter coat keeping it warm as chilly fall winds blow in from the Atlantic. Ireland Vacation

The Burren, famous for its barrenness, is one of the most unique places in Ireland. Its limestone terrain, hardy vegetation, and rugged animals, both wild and domestic, make the Burren a contrast. Barren limestone gives way to open grazing land. The limestone cliffs drop abruptly into the ocean. And beauty appears out of nowhere. Too often […]

Do You Need Travel Insurance for an Ireland Vacation

Ireland castle vacation. A welcome drink upon arrival at Ashford Castle.

“Do I need travel insurance for my family’s Ireland vacation?” It’s a question I receive often, and one that doesn’t have the same answer for everyone as it has to do with risk, as well as figuring out the coverage you may already have. Since the question is on the table, lets delve into it […]

Shannon Airport Tips for Arrival and Departure- It’s #EasierFromShannon!

welcome to shannon airport

When I say that I spent less than an hour -total- in Shannon Airport between my arrival and departure I am not exaggerating. In fact, my longest wait for anything in the airport was the queue for our rental car – and that was only about 10 minutes! Now, to be fair, we did visit […]

Ireland Travel Tip : Mix and Match Your Lodging for Great Experiences and Variety

Ireland Travel Tip : Lodging Options

When planning your Ireland family vacation it’s very easy to fall into what I call a ‘lodging rut’. To put it simply, a ‘lodging rut’ is when you think that your trip can have only one type of lodging, be it hotel, B&B, or self catering cottage. Depending on the length of your trip, your […]

Packing for Ireland : Space Bags vs Packing Cubes

Packing Tip : Fill Your Boots

It’s fair to say I do quite a bit of packing for travel. And, while I tend toward over-packing (especially when we are driving to destinations), I do try to keep my packing for Ireland a bit lighter. Our most recent trip, however, had a mix of activities – from outdoor pursuits which required warm gear, […]