I is for Ireland: 26 Tips for Family Travel in Ireland

I is for Ireland. 26 tips for family travel in Ireland. Ireland vacation tips.

Ireland is a perfect destination for families. No land is more filled with magic than Ireland. Even if you’re past the age of believing in faeries (though I don’t think you should ever stop believing in faeries) the moment your flight lands in Ireland a feeling of possibility washes over you. You just don’t know

A Castle Tour of Ireland for Families

Cahir Castle, one of the best castles to visit during an Ireland family vacation. Ireland vacation tips.

Castles always top the list of “must see’ spots in Ireland. From crumbling ruins to restored fortresses, Irish castles never fail to impress visitors. If visiting as many castles as you can fit into your itinerary sounds like a challenge you’re willing to take, read on for a castle tour of Ireland your family will love! 7

Visiting Dublin with Kids? Get the 411 Here

HaPenny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland. Dublin with kids. Ireland vacation.

If you’re planning an Ireland vacation, it’s likely Dublin is on your itinerary. Home to Ireland’s largest airport, the city is often the first and last place most visitors explore. With a few visits to the ‘fair city’ in the past, and a couple days coming up with my daughters, I was thrilled to write