Tour the West of Ireland from Bruff, County Limerick

Donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary

Even in a place as magnificent as Ireland, some places just stand out as special. One of the most special for me is the town of Bruff, County Limerick. Just 30 minutes south of Limerick City, Bruff is perfectly situated to serve as your base for touring western Ireland. I wish I could pin-point exactly [...]

Family Fun in County Kerry

I often recommend Killareny and County Kerry for first time Ireland family vacations simply because there is so very much to do there. The bustling tourist town of Killarney is filled with shops to cater to your every souvenir desire, while the pubs and restaurants will keep you well fed. Venturing out of town yields [...]

Stepping Aboard a Flying Boat in Foynes

Replica Boeing 314, Foynes Flying Boat Museum, Ireland

Imagine stepping on board a plane and instead of seeing row upon row of seats, you see a cabin broken into sections, each holding no more than a dozen passengers. In one section sit dining tables, complete with linen cloths, while another section replaces half of the available seating with bunk beds. The ‘first class [...]