Doolin Hostel : Affordable Family Friendly Lodging in Western Ireland

Doolin Hostel, Doolin, Ireland

Located in the ‘small wee’ village of Doolin on Ireland’s west coast, where traditional music and stunning scenery draw tourists by the busload, the Doolin Hostel provides a comfortable, affordable stay for families. I’ve been visiting Ireland for over a decade, but until this past fall (October 2014), I had never stayed in a hostel. I […]

Shannon Airport Tips for Arrival and Departure- It’s #EasierFromShannon!

welcome to shannon airport

When I say that I spent less than an hour -total- in Shannon Airport between my arrival and departure I am not exaggerating. In fact, my longest wait for anything in the airport was the queue for our rental car – and that was only about 10 minutes! Now, to be fair, we did visit […]