Fun for Kids in Ireland’s Ballyhoura Region


Modern Offerings at the grange Stone Circle near Lough Gur, Ireland

While we can’t be sure of all the rituals that took place at the Grange Stone Circle near Lough Gur in County Limerick, many modern day visitors leave offerings on what may have been an offering stone.

I’ve been singing the praises of Ireland’s “hidden” Ballyhoura region since returning from our trip last summer.

From megalithic tombs and stone circles to sweet faced donkeys and fun outdoor activities, this region has plenty of fun for families.

Exploring Ireland’s Ballyhoura with Kids

You’ll not find the Ballyhoura Region of Ireland on a map, though if you look you will find the mountains that lend their name to the area. The Ballyhoura region lies in Ireland’s south-west, covering much of County Limerick and the northern part of County Cork.

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