Lucky Leprechaun Gift Exchange with Irish Fireside

I recently took part in my first Irish themed gift exchange through the blog Irish Fireside.  The Lucky Leprechaun Gift Exchange , just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, had only a couple of requirements: ship the gift by March 12 and keep the value around $10.

The gift I received blew me away.  Lucky Leprechaun Gift
My leprechaun, Suzan,  included a lovely note explaining that she had made the scarf in the colors of the Irish flag for this gift exchange.  I wish I were half as talented as she!  The scarf is beautiful and of such a soft yarn;  I can’t wait to wear it on St. Patrick’s Day!  Also included was a book I have been meaning to read- Jaywalking with the Irish.  My goal is to move my family to Ireland and I’m sure the book will provide both insight (as I am pretty sure my vision on life in the Emerald Isle is a bit romanticized) and hours of entertainment.

Thank you to both my leprechaun for such a thoughtful gift and to Irish Fireside for organizing such a fun exchange!  I hope to do this again!



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