Relaxing Family Travel in Ireland: Hire a Private Chauffeur!


Horseback riding in the Burren, Ireland

Horseback riding in the Burren, Ireland

I love everything about planning a vacation.  From finding airfare deals to mapping our destination…  I love everything about it.

But, to be honest, it can be very time consuming.  And, if you don’t love it, very overwhelming.

So what is the traveler to Ireland to do if they don’t want to do all the planning, but want to have a say in what they see and do- which you don’t get on a coach tour.

You hire a private guide!
Ireland Chauffeured vacations
Ireland Chauffeur Travel
is a family owned and operated business based in Cashel, Tipperary.  While their testimonials pages lists a quite a few famous clients, I was more impressed by the over 250 testimonials they have received.

Shane Leahy is both the managing director of Ireland Chauffeur Travel as well as one of the tour operators.  Says Shane,

We are a family business with three members of the same family working directly in the business. We started doing small groups of two and four persons ( mostly couples) and as our business grew we developed more for family tours as families love to travel together and nowadays multigenerational travel is very common to Ireland especially from the USA.

 The advantages are having your own luxury touring coach and your own driver guide who acts as a liaison and a guide for all the family to ensure everybody gets to do what they want (within reason)

 The guide is great for the parents and grandparents as he takes the pressure not just off the driving but also the decision making so they have more time just to relax and have fun which is what the travel is all about.

 We are moving towards more experiential family tours which involve activities such as hiking, biking, walking and horseback riding. We also arrange cookery demonstrations, pottery making, sheep dog demonstrations so the family leaves Ireland relaxed and also educated as to the culture, lifestyle and skills of the people.

 We also book the best places to eat, drink and listen to music as well as recommend shopping and hard to find places where clients can enjoy authentic experiences.

If you want a magical Ireland vacation for your family, but don’t want to handle all the planning and driving, I invite you to enquire about a private guided tour.  Take a look at the itineraries they offer, peruse the testimonials and feel free to make changes to create your own perfect family vacation to Ireland.  You can email Shane directly or contact one of the tour consultants.  And be sure to check out the blog at Ireland Chauffeur Travel for promotions and special events.

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