Gadgets and Gear for Your Ireland Vacation

To wrap up 2012, I wanted to share my 10 most popular posts of the year.  The 4th most popular post is part of my Planning Your Ireland Vacation series.

There is a lot of little stuff that goes in to planning- and then completing- your Ireland vacation.  In this post, originally published April, 30, 2012, I talk about handy gadgets and gear for your Ireland vacation.

From handy gadgets for driving and helping you stick to your Ireland itinerary to gear to help you record those magical memories and get those souvenirs home, I cover the items that will help make your trip easier.


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It’s tempting to take many, many items along on your travels to Ireland.  Technology has, fortunately, helped to lighten our load without leaving much behind.

Once you’ve planned your clothes to pack for a trip to Ireland, it’s time to look at the gadgets and accessories you may need.

Gone are the days of lugging half a dozen travel guides.  Buy your favorites on Kindle. Just want a few pages of a paper guide?  You can scan and load documents to your Kindle, as well.  Create an “Ireland travel” collection to keep everything easy to access.

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