A Visit to Ross Castle

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Passing a cannon at Ross Castle, Killarney, Ireland
Caelan wanders past a cannon at Ross Castle

I was so excited to take my family to Killarney when we visited in 2008 as I had enjoyed the area so much when I visited as a single person in 2002.  Yes, it is the most touristed area in Ireland- but that's for good reason.  It's the base for most Ring of Kerry tours, the lakes are incredibly beautiful and it's a very central location for western Ireland tourism.  Unfortunately we were just a few weeks early- very off season-  and many sites were still closed.  While we weren't able to take a tour of Ross Castle, we did wander around the exterior.

I love this photo of Caelan, then 18 months old, as she happily explores.  Her nonchalance as she passes the cannon- as if it's the most natural thing in the world- is just incredibly endearing.

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