Little Surprises You May Find During Your Ireland Vacation

The other day I had the chance to chat with Eoin at Bitesize Irish Gaelic about some of the ‘surprises’ you may run into during an Ireland vacation.

It’s a really fun interview covering a wide range of topics – food, driving, hidden places few people visit, and, of course, the Irish language.

Eoin has set up his podcasts to make it easy for anyone to listen- no matter the device you use.

At your computer, visit the Bitesize Irish Gaelic blog to listen while you work, play on Facebook or watch the yummy Irish food slideshow below.

On iTunes? You can find the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast here or by searching ‘Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast’.

Android user? Here’s the Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast RSS or search ‘Bitesize Irish Gaelic’ from your favorite podcast app.

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