The Irish Public House

Live Music in Clifden, Ireland

Fergal Scahill and David Howley, two thirds of the trad band Freewheel performing at J Conneely’s Pub in Clifden.

Nowhere in Ireland do food and culture come together more than they do in the pub. It’s one of the few places where both tourists and locals gather together, easily blending, everyone as themselves.

The pub, or Public House, is not exactly a bar, nor is it a restaurant. While a pub does serve both food and alcohol, its main purpose is as a gathering place where people of any age can come together to share stories and craic (pronounced ‘crack’, it’s the Irish word for fun and entertainment).

Read more about how to Get Culture and Craic at an Irish Pub at Culture Every Day.

Create an Irish Pub Culture at Home

Looking to bring a bit of the Irish into your home?  Plan a gathering of friends and family, create a menu filled with Irish food, load a mix of traditional and Irish music onto I♥Radio or Pandora and you’re set!  Let the craic begin!


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