Alternatives to Ireland’s Most Popular Attractions

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There are no shortage of spectacular places to visit in Ireland. And yet so many tours don't venture from Ireland's most popular attractions.

In this article, written for Walking on Travels, I share amazing alternatives to some of the most popular tourist sites in Ireland – perfect for your self-drive itinerary.

Cahir Castle, one of the best castles to visit during an Ireland family vacation. Ireland vacation tips.

Spectacular Alternatives to Ireland's Must See Sights

As you begin to plan your Ireland vacation there is one word you’ll hear often– must.

You must see the Book of Kells.
You must drive the Ring of Kerry.
You must visit the Belfast Titanic.
You’ll find that Ireland is full of musts… And all of those ‘must see’ sights are musts for a reason. They are fabulous. But few tourists to Ireland have had the opportunity to venture off the ‘trail of musts’. Ireland is far more than a ‘Top 10’ list; it’s a land filled with magic and mystery, history and hauntings, and hundreds of incredible sights most tourists miss.

Ireland’s most popular sights draw thousands of visitors and hundreds of tour buses each year. You can escape the crowds, but not Ireland’s incredible beauty and history, at these incredible alternatives.

Click to see the incredible alternatives to Ireland's most popular attractions….

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