Bloomsday in Bruff, County Limerick

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I'm going to begin this post with an admission…

I've not read Ulysses from cover to cover.  No offense to Joyce, but I couldn't keep with it.

That said, Bloomsday is this Saturday and celebrations are taking place in all Irish corners of the globe.  While the most well known Bloomsday festivities take place in Dublin, you can find 4 days of Joycean fun- June 14 thru 17- in the west of Ireland as well, in the lovely village of Bruff in County Limerick.

Why Bruff?

It all goes back to George Clancy, Irish Nationalist politician and one time mayor of Limerick.  He was a fellow student at University College Dublin with James Joyce and one of the author's greatest friends.  In fact, Joyce based the character of Madden in Portrait of an Artist on Clancy.  The Clancy family remains connected with the parish of Bruff; hence, Bloomsday in Bruff.

Bloomsday in Bruff

Be sure to dress for the party!

This year's events include a Tea Dance, Eve of Bloomsday Gala Concert, Joycean breakfast, Promenade in the Park, Cycle Race Bloomsday Lecture, Annual Dinner and the drama, Joyced!

It all looks like fun!  The festival is gaining popularity and my understanding is that tickets for the events tend to sell quickly on the day of.  So if you're in the west of Ireland this weekend and want to drop by, check the Bloomsday in Bruff website and reserve your spot.  You certainly don't want to be left out!

And if you happen to stop at The Old Bank B&B say hi to Miraim for me.  We had an incredible stay with her (I can't wait to tell you about it!)

As for me…  Maybe I'll take another crack at Ulysses

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