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Brenna’s Experience at Connemara Maths Academy | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 9

Brenna’s Experience at Connemara Maths Academy | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 9
Connemara Maths Academy

Jody is joined by her eldest daughter, Brenna. On this podcast, Brenna shares her experience attending Connemara Maths Academy (CMA) at Kylemore Abbey. Also, Jody discusses her experience and concerns that a parent might have with allowing their kid to attend CMA. To learn more about CMA, please check out Episode 3.

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Kylemore Abbey is a beautiful castle located in the far western part of Galway. Learn more about visiting Kylemore Abbey.

The Connemara Maths Academy is a week-long educational summer program for kids. Find out more by checking out my podcast or by visiting:

What were Jody’s and Brenna’s concerns about attending the CMA?

Brenna being in a camp in another country.
Brenna being in a camp with kids of such diverse ages.
Being bored.

Thoughts on the accommodations at Kylemore Abbey:

Brenna was impressed with how spacious her room was at Kylemore Abbey. It had bunk beds, a pull-out couch, 3 closets and a bathroom. Brenna shared this room comfortably with 2 other girls.

Brenna’s first night:

She wasn’t worried or scared. Despite the fact that she was in a different country, she didn’t find the experience any different than being left at summer camps closer to home.

Activities at CMA:

The CMA constantly updates their social media to help keep parents in the loop on what activities their kids are doing that day.

Some of the activities:
Raft building
Water rockets
Giant Swing
And many more…

All activities are tied-in to learning more about mathematics.

Jody’s first night:

Like a lot of concerned parents, Jody had nightmares about leaving her kid. But the constant social media updates from the CMA helped alleviate this.

Brenna’s thoughts on attending the CMA courses:

She wasn’t worried about being around older children or getting along with others from different countries, she was more concerned about being able to learn and understand the maths. However, this was not an issue since the instructors were very thorough.

Brenna’s highlight while at the CMA:

She had so much fun, it was hard to choose just one. She really enjoyed the giant swing, robotics, music and archery. She said, she would definitely attend the CMA again.

Other CMA locations:

Go here to learn about the other CMA locations:

Closing remarks:

Brenna said that the instructors were nice and the cooks were amazing. Also, if you are worried that you are not good enough to attend a Maths camp, that’s all the more reason to go. The instructors are there to help and guide you.

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