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If you're planning an Ireland vacation, it's likely Dublin is on your itinerary. Home to Ireland's largest airport, the city is often the first and last place most visitors explore.

HaPenny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland. Dublin with kids. Ireland vacation.

With a few visits to the ‘fair city' in the past, and a couple days coming up with my daughters, I was thrilled to write this article for Family Travel 411.

The 411 on Dublin with Kids

published by Family Travel 411

Ireland is a country that is tailor made for families seeking a magical vacation. Fearless knights can explore castles from the darkest dungeon to the highest battlements. Pretty pixies will find proof that faeries are real. The land that inspired C. S. Lewis to create his magical Narnia will charm your family like no other place on Earth.

Dublin, the capital city of this enchanting land, is often the first and last place the traveler to Ireland sees. From one of the largest walled city parks in Europe to some of the smallest and oldest artifacts in the world, exploring Dublin with kids is a must during your Ireland holiday.

You’ll find plenty to keep your family occupied in Dublin, but these 4 activities are the ones my own children chose for our Dublin city adventure, along with my own recommendations for 1 great place to stay and 1 great place to eat during your visit.

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