A Tourism Company for your Family Vacation in Ireland

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at Bunratty Castle, Ireland
My Family at Bunratty Castle

When you begin planning your family vacation in Ireland, it can be more than a little overwhelming.  Choosing where to go, trying to decide what to see, and most importantly, choosing your lodging, can all be a bit much for the first time visitor (even with a handy site like Ireland With Kids to help guide you).

And often, tourism companies aren't much help.  Few offer solid family recommendations, instead catering to travelers of a more “seasoned” variety.  You're offered a bus tour or a car rental with B&B vouchers.  Neither of which is ideal for the family who wants guidance, but not hand holding.

IrishTourism.com Can Help With Your Ireland Family Vacation

It's not often that I book our Ireland vacation through an agency.  But I had IrishTourism.com on my radar since last fall.  Their website actually has an entire section devoted to family vacations in Ireland.  After talking with representatives of IrishTourism.com I saw what the website hides so well…  This is personal business.  My questions were answered quickly by the same person each time.  We developed a relationship as my trip planning progressed and I know I can call on her if I have even the tiniest bit of trouble during our Ireland vacation.

Planning a Vacation in Ireland with IrishTourism.com

IrelandTourismAdFor family breaks, especially first time visits, IrishTourism.com believes as I do- the south of Ireland is ideal.  They help you choose a family-friendly hotel with amenities like swimming pools and kids clubs and daily breakfast.  A car is chosen, in the correct size for your family.   After hotel and car choices are made, IrishTourism.com books those for you and sends a confirmation.  

Your only decision now is what to see and do.  You will be sent a very thorough list of attractions ranging from local sights to day trips from your chosen area.  Presented in a .pdf, this can be loaded to a mobile device or printed to be brought along.  While IrishTourism.com does not book your attractions, they provide everything necessary for you to plan your itinerary – as well as enough options that making a change due to uncooperative weather is easy.

Follow our trip with IrishTourism.com

I am thrilled to be using the services of IrishTourism.com during our upcoming trip to Ireland.  We will be experiencing three of their recommended hotels and using their itinerary during the first week of our trip.  I invite you to join us on Facebook for photos and short stories as we tour beautiful southern Ireland.

Disclosure:  IrishTourism.com is an advertising partner of IrelandWithKids.  Some consideration was given for our trip.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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