What is Your Favorite Ireland Souvenir?

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If a friend were visiting Ireland and offered to bring back a souvenir for you, what would you want?

Lough Erne basket at Belleek
Lough Erne basket at Belleek

Irish Artisan Chocolates?

Bunratty Mead?

Kerry Glass Vase?


Connemara Marble Coasters?

Guinness Keychain?

Woolen Socks?

Tell me what you would want from Ireland…  who knows what I will bring back? But you won't have a chance to get anything if you don't enter!
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  1. Lough Erne basket at Belleek is beautiful. I’ve never seen one. I think they are lovely.

    From the easily shipped list…I would love a necklace made from Connemara marble or some cookbooks from some of you favorite Irish café or pubs.  From the sneak into the luggage list….my family loved all of the different kinds of biscuits (and candy bars) that we found at the grocery stores.  Stores brands are fine but my favorites were Ginger Nuts and HobNobs!!  Aren’t the names so much fun??

    Bunratty Mead for Aaron (no surprise there) and something knitted from the Aran Islands for Melody

    guinness memorabilia for dave and my dad. waterford or beleek for mom and i. clare wants a dolphin or a lamb from dingle please!

      Claresmama  You should have given me this list in May- when we visited Belleek and Dingle. 🙂

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