Gerry Meade and the Salmon of Knowledge | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 22

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Salmon of Knowledge Experience

Jody is joined by Gerry Meade. He has created a new tour in the historic county of Meath with a focus on one of Ireland's most wonderful bits of mythology: the Salmon of Knowledge.

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About the Salmon of Knowledge:

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In 2001, Gerry was looking for a new way to attract tourism to Ireland. Being a chef, he wanted to build something around food. Gerry brought together his passion for great Irish food and Ireland's mythology in a new tourist attraction:the Salmon of Knowledge Experience.

The story explains how a famous Irish Hero gained his supernatural powers.

It's a great tourist attraction for kids and adults.

What to Expect from this Experience:

The tour lasts about 2 hours and begins on the with a walks along the banks of the river, moves on to salmon tasting, and ends in a beautiful pub where people get a history of the area and Irish culture.

Best Way to Contact Gerry for a Tour:

Call: 085-717-9005 in Ireland or if calling from the U.S: 011-353-85-717-9005
Email Gerry: [email protected]
Tours are not given at specific times. Instead, Gerry works to accommodate each tour group's personal schedule. They are very flexible and relaxed. They only need 4 people for a tour.

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Closing remarks:

Gerry's attraction brings to life the rich mythology of Ireland. To find out more, visit

Questions about this podcast or Ireland travel in general? Email Jody at [email protected] or leave a comment below.


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