A Sweet Stop in Gort

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While driving through Ireland is fun and the sights you see from the car are interesting, sometimes drive can stretch on way too long and a diversion is necessary.  This was the case the day we drove from Clifden to Limerick.  While we did make a quick stop at a gift shop between Clifden and Galway, the girls were restless and ready to stretch their legs.  A stop in Gort, at the border of counties Galway and Clare, seemed like a good idea.

The Sweet Tooth Candy Store, Gort, Ireland
The eye-catching candy store in Gort drew my girls through it's doors.

After parking the car at the first spot we saw, we walked up Bridge Street with the thought of lunch.  Well, that was our thought, until my girls saw the brightly painted shop.  The rainbow of treats in the windows drew us through it's doors to a wondrous world of sugary treats and smiling shopkeepers.

Candy shop, Gort, County Galway, Ireland
Helpful, smiling shopkeepers let us sample bits of candy before weighing our purchases.

The Sweet Tooth calls itself “the best traditional sweetshop in the west of Ireland”. I'm inclined to agree. The girls were in awe of the shelves filled with containers of candy.  The knowledge that they could choose just a few pieces of each kind was almost more than they could wrap their minds around.  Buying a few pieces of this, a handful of that, and just a single piece of another, they found that their money went a very long way.

Candy Store, Gort, County Galway, Ireland
Candy of all shapes and sizes in a rainbow of colors…

We were in the shop quite a while as the girls made their final decisions. 

Should they get the giant gummy rat or a handful of miniature marshmallows in pink and white?

Would super size jelly beans be a better purchase than sour fruits?

And what about the stick of swirled marshmallow candy in a trio of colors?

After the girls each spent their €3 and we left the store, it was declared the very best candy shop ever.  And it helped make the rest of our drive a bit happier.

Visiting Sweet Tooth, Gort, County Galway, Ireland


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