Ireland Books for Kids

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I don't talk much here about the books I read- or the Ireland books for kids that I have purchased for my children.

And while it's not a topic I touch on, I was thrilled to share our favorites in this article for Kids Travel Books.

Just a few of my Ireland books. Ireland books for kids.
Just a few of my Ireland books.

Our Most Loved Books About Ireland for Kids

My girls have been steeped in Ireland and the Irish culture since birth. Simple bedtime stories of pookas and faeries made way for The Children of Lir and Fin McCool as they grew older.

During our Ireland travels my girls have learned about local legends, famous people, and historical happenings. Well-told tales have resulted in us bringing home books which are read, re-read, and thoughtfully discussed.

Books about Ireland lie scattered around our house, always available for a quick read, or a more thorough session nestled in a comfy chair, hot cocoa and biscuits close at hand.

Click to see my favorite Ireland books for kids…

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