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Check out Jody's new video podcast with Ricky Shetty from <href=”https:”” digitalnomadmastery=”” “=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Digital Nomad Mastery. Listen in to learn more about Jody and what drives her passion for Irish travel. As well as recommendations, tips and tricks for planning your own Ireland Vacation.
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About Ireland Family Vacations (IFV):

Jody is the publisher of IFV which is a travel site which focuses specifically on family travel through Ireland. The site helps people plan their trip to Ireland through every aspect. The site features vacation coaching, ebooks, interactive maps, podcasts, blogs, videos, shopping, tips and tricks, and so much more.

About Jody and her Passion for Ireland:

Jody has been traveling to Ireland annually with her family since her first child was a year old. In addition to traveling in Ireland, they also travel around the US in their RV.

Jody first visited Ireland in 2002 as a solo trip. The minute she landed in Ireland, she felt like it was home. She fell in love with it instantly and has come back annually since then to explore more locations both on and off the beaten path.

Typical Tourist Itinerary for Ireland:

The average Irish vacation from North America lasts about 10 days. If landing in Dublin she recommends a couple days there before setting off to explore the countryside. From Dublin, the average tourist follows a Southwesterly route:

County Kerry.

Then go up the West Coast to:
County Clare
Cliffs of Moher

Then finally come back down to Shannon and fly out of there.

If you want to get off that busy tourist trail, she suggests going up the middle of Ireland and going through the Northern side through:

County Mayo

Tourist Attractions:

Jody says there are so many amazing sites in Ireland it's hard to pick. She prefers many of the lesser-known attractions but admits that many popular attractions are popular for a reason.:

Politics in Ireland:

Northern Ireland is part of England. They use the pound and the Republic of Ireland uses the Euro. At the time of this podcast, there are no hard borders, so traveling from one area to another is safe and easy. Be careful traveling around the Peace Walls in Northern Ireland. Even though the instances are rare for tourists, sometimes there still is some political strife in these areas. She recommends learning some of the history in these places to better understand them by taking a tour (Paddy Campbell and Derry Guided Tours are highly recommended).

Saint's Patrick's Day:

In Ireland St. Patricks Day has traditionally been a religious day. However, it is becoming more of a party. If you are visiting Ireland around Saint Patrick's Day and don't want to experience the crush of the holiday, visit Dublin either a few days before before or after to avoid the worst crowds. Then visit one of the smaller villages on the actual day.

Closing remarks:

Questions about this podcast or Ireland travel in general? Email Jody at or leave a comment below.
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