Ireland Travel Question : Should I Purchase an Ireland Vacation Package?

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I recently appeared on the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast. Chatting with Eoin about all of Ireland's little “surprises” was great fun. One of the listeners left a question that I thought was really good, so I am sharing it – and my response- here.

Ireland Vacation Question:

On traveling to Ireland, do you suggest purchasing a package? Or should I take direct flights?


This is really a great question, and one that I know many people have. So which should you do?

It depends.

Not helpful, I know. So let me go into further details.

Before you book any package, you really need to break it down. A few details to check:
  • Where do the flights leave from?  Often many great packages fly from the east coast. How great will that package look if you fly from your closest airport?
  • Does the deal include lodging and, if so, where? Some packages have specific hotel stays included, others offer bed and breakfast vouchers. Make sure the package gives you the freedom you need.
  • What are the travel dates? This is likely the most important question as no deal is good if the dates don't work for you.
  • How many people need to travel? Most deals are priced for 2 people traveling together. If you travel alone you may be subject to a ‘single suppliment' cost, which covers the “empty” space you are leaving by traveling alone.
  • Is transportation included? How will you get around Ireland? Is this a tour or is a car rental included in the price? And don't forget about the CDW!

Often a package will get you the best combined price of airfare, car and lodging, but it's best to do your homework.  I have a few tips for finding airfare and Ireland travel deals.

Do you have a question about Ireland travel?  View the Ireland Travel FAQs page or email your question to IrelandCoach(at)IrelandFamilyVacations(dot)com.  I will reply directly to you as well as add your question to this page- because if you need an answer, it’s likely someone else does, too!


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