Ireland Travel Tip: Embrace Being Unplugged

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We are a connected world. At any time of the day you can find someone, somewhere, sharing something on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or, with the power of tools like IFTTT and Sprout Social, all of them at the same time!

For some of us (like me), it's second nature to snap a photo and immediately share it with friends, followers and family. Or to hop on my laptop at night to share the days adventures on my website.

And while you may find wifi in many places across Ireland, there are many more that will not have it.

So my simple tip is this – and it's one I found myself struggling to follow this past 2 weeks during our recent trip to Ireland-

Embrace the disconnect. Share your photos and experiences when you get home. Fully experience your magical time in Ireland.

Be sure to turn your mobile data off (or you risk huge roaming fees!)

And that automatic reach for the smartphone and the desire to share the beautiful scenery in front of you? Well, you may have withdrawal for a day or two, but I promise it's worth it.


  1. You are right! Maybe I should declare an unplugged day at home too. Cook some of our favorite Irish food, play board games and have fun as a family.

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