Should You Use a Bit of the Irish Language When you Visit Ireland?

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The majority of Ireland travelers know approximately two words of the Irish language: sláinte (slawn-tcha), which means ‘your health' or ‘cheers' and craic (crack) meaning fun and amusing. But what if you took just a few minutes to learn a tiny bit more Irish? Tá cúpla focal (a couple of words) in the Irish can take you deeper into conversation and gain you smiles as you make your way around Ireland.

Fungi the Dingle Dolphin in Dingle Harbour, Ireland

I was thrilled to join Eoin from Bitesize Irish Gaelic on his podcast, chatting about using the Irish language while touring Ireland – and giving some advice for planning an Ireland family vacation.

In addition to hearing about a couple of funny – and a bit embarrassing (on my part)- instances of when I used my tá cúpla focal I also share some of my favorite spots in Ireland, my recommendations for first time Ireland family vacations, and a surprising fact about the Inishowen Peninsula.

Go ahead and have a listen. If you use a podcast service (iTunes, Doubletwist) just search for the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast in the podcasts to subscribe. And, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the padcast page, you'll find a nice freebie from Bitesize.

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