Love and Luck in Ireland

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The overnight flight to Ireland is long and uncomfortable.  The girls each got a couple hours of sleep, reclining against the adult nearest them.  The adults- at least this one- got about 45 minutes of sleep during the flight.

After about 18 hours of travel, we thankfully reached Ardmore House B&B in Kinnetty, County Offaly.  After a (too) short nap, we took what was to be a short walk (until we got lost end ended up hiking nearly 6km!) along the Nature Trail Loop in nearby Cadamstown.  (Tip: to acclimate to a new time zone and avoid jet lag get active as quickly as possible!  You'll sleep well your first night and be “on time” the next day!)

It was along the Nature Trail Loop that I found love and luck, nestled together, welcoming us to Ireland.

Love and Luck in Ireland
Love and Luck


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