My Earlier Awakening

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Many thanks to Joe Glackin, who submitted the following prose and photo to Ireland With Kids:

Being away from Ireland for many years and returning creates an awareness of previously unappreciated physical as spiritual beauty .I was fortunate to return at a time my children were young and though circumstances were not ideal ,many memories of times spent together are priceless. Ireland is our home and those who are of Irish decent its their spiritual restful abode . To enlighten your children to that experience of freedom which is freely gained in thought or sight etc creates a wonderful memory. Ireland`s beauty is inspired by various experiences of friendship love and personal perception on all captured thoughts realized.
As W B Yeates wrote ” Its time to put off the World and go somewhere ” applies to Ireland and its cost is your “time to put off the world “.

Recently my experience of a few precious moments at sunrise and inspired thoughts ,I worded by sharing the exact serene spiritual occurrence coming into view.
I took a photo ,designed this card, incorporating my inspired words of appreciation and awareness on present time . In a foreign land my mind would not be focused as such for Ireland is my home .

Photo & rhyme by Joe Glackin

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