Pinteresting Ireland

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Need a daily dose of the Emerald Isle? Or maybe a tasty recipe to remind you of idyllic Ireland vacations past? Pinterest is the place you need to be!

Where to Find Pinteresting Ireland

While you can search Pinterest itself for keywords like ‘Ireland travel', ‘Irish food', and ‘Ireland', I prefer to visit some of the most passionate Ireland pinners to find my inspiration.

Pinteresting Ireland - the best of Ireland on Pinterest

If you’re looking to sate your Irish wanderlust but can’t drop everything and leave tomorrow for a trip to Ireland, your next best option is Pinterest.

Filled with the tastes, sights, and even sounds of the Emerald Isle, a few well-selected Pinterest boards can help you plan an Ireland vacation, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, pick the perfect Irish gift, or just whisk you away for a short journey to a land of castles, magic, and lyrical speech.  (Click here to discover the best of Ireland on Pinterest)

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