Public Transportation in Ireland with Deb Thompson | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 17

Jody is joined once again by Deb Thompson from Today they are discussing using public transportation in Ireland.

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Jody spoke with Deb Thompson in podcast Episode 4 – Ireland Vacation Coaching-. Now she is following up with Deb about her trip – and discussing public transportation in Ireland.

Transportation from the Airport:

The buses were conveniently located within walking distance out of the airport. Everything is clearly marked, so it was very easy for Deb to locate her bus. Also, she was able to easily hop on an earlier bus than the one she was scheduled for without hassle or price change.

How was the ride:

The bus was a Bus Éireann, a full motor coach, comfortable seating and climate control, with room for luggage. The bus from the airport took her from Dublin all the way to Kilkenny (2-hour trip) for only 15 euros (very cheap).

How easy was it to navigate the transportation:

It was very easy going from one bus to another. The signs are clearly marked. However, if you do have issues, Irish hospitality is there to help. The locals and bus station employees are more than happy to answer any questions. Another great thing, the buses go just about everywhere in Ireland.

Tour Company in Ireland:

Deb used Wild Rover Tours to visit the Giant's Causeway. Rover Tours allows visitors to select the type of Belfast tour they wish to go on. She took the political tour and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Finding a bus:

Buses run all over Ireland, so there is always a bus stop near you whereever you go. And navigating from various bus lines (national, local, tour and city) is easy. is a great tool to plan your itinerary. All the buses were clean and safe. She would definately use the bus system again, and thinks it's a great way for solo travelers and people who don't want to use the guided bus tours to get around.

FYI: You have to be 25 to rent a car in Ireland. So this is an excellent way for the college-aged travelers to get around.

3 Not-to-Miss Places to Visit:

Closing remarks:

The buses are a very accommodating alternative to renting a car in Ireland. Enjoy more of Deb's adventures at Just Short of Crazy where you can find links to all of her social media accounts.

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  1. this was really insightful as i plan on visiting next month and am worried about the public transportation. I didn’t hear any mention of the LEAP card. would you recommend it?? i plan on hiking and going to the castles