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During a recent trip to Orlando the girls and I made a trip to Downtown Disney to visit one of my favorite Irish pubs in the US: Raglan Road.

Raglan Road is a gorgeous pub, built in Ireland, then deconstructed and moved to the US.  They have delicious food, live music and Irish dancers nightly but you won't find this little beauty there.

Brenna Dancing at Raglan Road in Orlando
Brenna Dancing at Raglan Road

Yep, that's my girl doing a jig on the stage accompanied by trad band Creel.

So, how did my girl get on the stage?  Well, the table Raglan Road reserved for us via Twitter (I requested live music and craic) had a nice open area beside it.  As the band played “Whiskey in the Jar” Brenna couldn't keep her feet still.  So I told her she could dance if she watched out for people and didn't get in the way.  So she's doing her jig and the fiddler happens to notice.  After the song he calls for “that little Irish dancer” to come forward to the stage.  She didn't have to be asked twice!  She was introduced to the crowd and did a jig.

After she finished the 3 professional dancers came over to tell her how well she did.  Now she has added “professional Irish dancer” to her list of grown up professions!

Thanks Creel and Raglan Road for such a magical evening!

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  1. That’s a great story! I’ll say this…she doesn’t look the least bit nervous. More like she’s wondering why these other people are on her stage. What a fantastic experience!

      @SteveMKTS Thanks Steve! She wasn’t a bit worried- she’s a naturally outgoing girl and loves to have the attention on her!

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