Rain Gear for Ireland Travel

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Under Tree at Birr Castle Demense, County Offaly, Ireland
Our day at Birr Castle Demense was more than a little “soft”. Thankfully there were many places to take refuge from the rain – like this big tree!

Ireland is famous for it's 40 shades of green.

And equally as famous for how it gets so green – lots of rain!

Ireland's Wet Days

A ‘wet day' in Ireland means that more than 1mm (.03 inch) has fallen, which is not a lot of rain, in itself.  Many days in Ireland are considered ‘soft', with very wet air and a light drizzle.  It is rare for great downpours to last an extended period, though it does happen.

Ireland has between 150 to 225 ‘wet days' per year, depending on the location, with the wettest parts of Ireland located along the western shores where the weather blows in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Rain Gear for Ireland Travel

As the saying goes, “If the Irish waited on the weather, they would be forever waiting”.  And that is exactly the attitude visitors should take, as well.  Though many attractions will have umbrellas for you to borrow, it is best to have yourself prepared for the weather.

Lowepro Photo Sport Sling Camera Bag
During our last vacation in Ireland it rained every day.  Some days quite heavily.  My Lowepro Photo Sport Sling was indispensable!  I loved that the camera compartment was at the base of one side, and with the single strap I could easily maneuver the backpack in front of me to get whatever I needed.  The exterior pockets carried my tripod and pamphlets picked up along our travels.  And my wallet, dry socks and other necessities were tucked inside.  It also has an attached rain cover to keep everything extra dry when the rain came down heavily.

I've found it is best to travel with your own umbrella in Ireland.  Though you may be able to borrow one, it is nice to have your own – especially if weather ‘blows in' – as it is wont to do!  You'll find umbrellas in all shapes and colors, but for travel I really like Pocket Sized Umbrellas as you don't need to carry a bag to carry your umbrella!

I am a big fan of Scottevest Jackets for travel.  Not only do they carry all your important items easily – and attractively! – but quite a few of their items are weather resistant.  I adore my Molly Jacket (pictured at the left).  You'll also find the Pack-It Jacket, an affordable waterproof jacket, a women's trench, the Men's Standard Jacket, the women's Penny Jacket and travel vests for layering – all great for Ireland travel!

For a souvenir that can help deflect the soft weather – and keep you warm – purchase an Aran sweater.  The natural oils of the lambs wool keep all but the heaviest rain from soaking through and, really, there is nothing better to wear for a hike, no matter where in the world you find yourself!  If you have Irish blood – and you know your clan – show your roots with a Family Clan sweater.

If your feet are wet and cold, you'll be miserable.  Be sure to bring water resistant boots for your treks around Ireland.  And inside those boots wear warm woolen socks.  Be sure to pack a couple extra pair in your car or day pack – just to keep those feet warm and dry!

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  1. iatraveler Gr8 tips. Before visiting Ireland, we bought very cute, water-resistant Merrell shoes&boots from REI. walkingontravel

    Great recommendations for surviving the rain!  I had the opportunity to try on a Scottevest at a recent convention and I was impressed!  To have so many pockets, the design is streamlined and comfortable.  Thanks for sharing this list.  Great choices!

    I remember one day in Ireland when half the sky was raining and the other half was sunny. Definitely a good idea to always rain gear on hand!

    Great tips for staying dry while exploring Ireland! I had never seen the Lowepro Photo Sport Sling before – it looks awesome!

    […] Jody at Ireland with Kids also believes that rain is something to be embraced, writing “Ireland is famous for it’s 40 shades of green. And equally as famous for how it gets so green- lots of rain! As the saying goes, ‘If the Irish waited on the weather, they would be forever waiting.’  And that is exactly the attitude visitors should take, as well.” Get her tips on rain gear for Ireland. […]

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