Helpful Travel App- Ireland: Are We There Yet?

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Apps are replacing traditional guidebooks quickly.  And why wouldn't they?  They are quick, lighter to carry and have great interactive features- attributes a book just can't fulfill.  The latest app to make its' mark is Ireland: Are We There Yet written by former film producer, location scout, tour-bus guide, blogger, teacher and now mother of two, Ann Brehony.

As you can see, it's a gorgeous app.  Listings are available by county or alphabetically and include fun tales, games and even free play areas.  While the app is aimed at kids, adults will find it just as helpful and enjoyable.  Sure, you may not need the play areas, but who doesn't love a sweet shop?  If you plan to take the kids to Ireland this app would be $2.99 well spent.  Currently only available for iPhone and iPad.

Description of Ireland: Are We There Yet:

★ The Essential Family Holiday Helper ★

This app is like the local cousin you never knew you had!

It has sussed the best ways to visit Ireland with kids so you don't have to do the legwork:
* Packed with cool places kids will just love to visit.
* It's like having a bunch of native kids show you the best stuff to do in this magical country.
* Quirky car games to keep them amused and engaged with the trip along the way.
* A full nationwide listing of free outdoor play areas.
* Scavenger hunts and car bingo will get you working as a team so you get the most of your family time together.
* A whole community of other app users who can pass on their tips and experiences to you.

It's all covered from:
* County-by-county listings.
* The best local sweets (candy).
* Pit stops on long journeys.
* Cracking videos to show you how it's done.
* Slide shows to whet your appetite.
* And remember those songs your uncle Pat used to murder at weddings? Well they're here too including one hilarious version of ‘Danny Boy'!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation – I have just discovered your page – what a great resource well done! I’ll be checking in regularly from now on!

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