Do I Need Travel Insurance (tips) | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 39

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Can You Afford Not To?

When planning a vacation, one of the many questions asked is “Should I buy travel insurance?” Jody is here to help you answer that question and offer travel insurance tips in this week's podcast.

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Why might you need travel insurance?

Ask yourself: “If we couldn't go on this trip, how much of a financial impact would that have on my family?”How you book your vacation is a factor.
– Usually, when booking your vacation piece-by-piece it is not as beneficial to have insurance.
– Usually, when booking with a vacation package, it is beneficial.

What does travel insurance cost?

Expect to pay 4-8% of your total trip cost for package trips.There are additional options you can purchase with your insurance such as “Cancel Trip for Any Reason” for additional cost.

Not all policies are the same, so read your policy carefully.

Before you purchase, know what coverage you may have already from your credit card.

Also check with your home insurance agent to cover expensive devices you will be traveling with.

Where to buy travel insurance?

Often times, the insurance offered by airlines and trip operators does not offer the coverage you need. So read these policies carefully before accepting them.If you do not want the coverage that the airlines or operators offer, there are plenty of providers to choose from. Here are my favorites:

When should you buy insurance?

You can purchase it anytime before your flight. Purchasing it right away is always best.

Closing remarks:

You may not always need travel insurance, but you're glad you have it when you do. Here is the link to the US Travel Insurance Association.Find a written overview of this podcast here.

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