Those Wide Irish Roads

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Buses near Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Oh those wide Irish roads!
Traffic came to a standstill as we made our way toward the Cliffs of Moher. At times the R478 seems barely wide enough for two small cars. I suppose it is fortunate that these tour buses met at a wide spot in the road!


  1. Our family thought that we finally figured out the Irish road system.  Roads that start with “M” like the M5 stands for motorway so we knew that it would be a divided highway where traffic moved along nicely.  “N” like N79 was for national roads.  Lanes wide enough on both sides with turning lanes.  “R” is for rural roads.  Wide enough to be comfortable for your car…if no one was coming the other.  Slow down (and close your eyes if you are the passenger) if you have to try to pass a car coming the other way.  “L” is for local.  It means that a farmer wanted a number for his cow path!!  🙂  Of course, GPS doesn’t care about letter designation!

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