Ireland Car Rental in 8 Easy Steps

Renting a car in Ireland is the best way to experience everything the country has to offer - but it can be a bit more complicated than you are used to.

Ireland Car Rental Costs

Prices vary from under €300 to over €1000 for 1 week based on type of car, time of year, and additional services

Step 1: Know your arrival & departure dates & locations

8 easy steps  to rent a car  in Ireland

Step 2: Do you need a car for your entire trip?

Hint: you don't need a car in Dublin city.

Step 3: Research Car Rental Companies

Over 70?

Step 4: Choose Your Car

Tip: don't forget about your luggage!

Step 5: Gather Quotes

Keep quotes a similar as possible Get all quotes in the same currency Figure in all the 'extras'

Step 6: Check - and double check - the insurance options

Planning to use credit card coverage for your Ireland rental car?

Step 7: Make your reservation

Step 8: Final Tips

Purchase refueling option on pickup

Exceptional advice for your  Ireland vacation.

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