Ireland may not be a 'budget' destination, but with a little bit of planning you can save money on your vacation.

When you travel makes a difference!

Choose late September thru November (2022) to decrease costs on everything from flights & accommodations to car rental. For 2023 look to shoulder and low season travel for the best deals.

Car rental shortages continue so rent your car early. And only for the days you need it

PS You Don't need a car in Dublin!


Rent the smallest car you can comfortably use.

Tip: don't forget about your luggage!

And only rent a manual transmission if you know how to drive one!

Stay longer!  Look for accommodations that offer 'extended stay' discounts.


More tips: - stay outside the city centre - try self-catering stays - mix & match your accommodations

Eat breakfast!

The 'Full Irish' will power you through 'til early afternoon!


More tips to save $ on food: - visit a grocery store for picnic foods - look for 'early bird' offers - eat away from tourist hot spots

Book online for discounts at some popular attractions.


DO NOT use a currency exchange kiosk or shop - you will pay a high exchange rate. Get the best exchange rate at an ATM. DO NOT use dynamic currency conversion when paying with a  card. Always pay in the local currency.

Claim your VAT as you leave Ireland

And buy trinkets & whiskey  at Duty Free!

Exceptional advice for your  Ireland vacation.

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