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Dublin Travel Tips: Use a Dublin Pass to Save Time & Money

We utilize the Dublin Pass so often that it has become one of my top Dublin travel tips.

Nearly every visit we have made to Dublin, way back to our first family trip in 2005 to our most recent couples getaway in 2019, we have purchased a Dublin Pass.

Flashing this little green card has saved us both time and money as we explored Ireland's capital city.

Dublin Travel Tips: Buy a Dublin Pass

Dublin Travel Tips: Buy a Dublin Pass

You have two options when purchasing a Dublin Pass- buy it online, in advance of your trip, or purchase it in Dublin.

I recommend purchasing the pass online, prior to your trip, as any sales or discounts are only available to online purchases.

You may also find flash sales on the Dublin Pass website.

Now that you have purchased the Dublin Pass you need to choose how you will receive it.

How to Get Your Dublin Pass

After making your purchase your Dublin Pass will arrive in your email. 

You can then download to your phone or, if you prefer, print your pass.

While I have never had an issue with downloaded passes, I know some people have, so I recommend printing your pass – just in case.

Dublin savings with Dublin Pass. Dublin with kids. Ireland travel tips.
Dublin Pass booklet marked with notes prior to our 2016 trip. Guidebooks are now digital.

Is a Dublin Pass a good deal for you? Here's how to figure it out.

What You Need to Understand Before Using Your Dublin Pass

The Dublin Pass is very easy to use, but there are a few things you should understand before activating it.

The Dublin Pass activates on first use. And is then active for the number of days you purchased.

One day is a single calendar day, not a 24 hour period. To make the most of your Dublin Pass begin using it in the morning.

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship. Dublin with kids. Ireland travel tips.
The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship is included in the Dublin Pass.

The Dublin Pass is to be used over consecutive days. If you activate a 3 day pass on a Friday the pass is good for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can not pause your Dublin Pass.

Dublin Pass purchases made online are valid for one year. Just use your email confirmation for collection.

The Dublin Pass allows for one entry into each featured attraction. Sorry, no multiple trips through the Guinness Storehouse for a complimentary pint.

How to Use Your Dublin Pass to Save Time & Money

With entry into over 30 of Dublin's top attractions, you can feel a bit overwhelmed by the options you have available to you during your time in Dublin.

So let me begin with a quick disclaimer- you won't be able to visit every site.

While 30 attractions doesn't seem like a lot, it really is when you factor in time spent at each site.

I recommend doing a bit of research to know which attractions you simply must experience, which sites you would like to see, and which places aren't of interest to you.

Traveling with Kids? See the Best Dublin Pass Attractions With Children

Dublin Travel Tips to Make the Most of Your Dublin Pass

Hop on the Bus

To quickly get your bearing in Dublin you can't do better than the Hop-on Hop-off bus. The Dublin Pass is accepted on the red City Sightseeing buses. 

Your Dublin Pass Hop-on Hop-off bus ticket is good for 24 hours, but for best use I would begin in the morning and dedicate a day to utilizing this ticket.

Because Dublin is a compact and walkable city, I would utilize the hop-off feature along the two routes for the sites located at the edges of the city centre.

Guinness gate in Dublin, Ireland
Gate at Guinness Storehouse
  • Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, and Guinness Storehouse on the red line
  • EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum, the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship, and Teelings Whiskey Distillery on the blue line

Group Your Attractions

When you look at the Dublin Pass attractions map you'll see that many are near to each other. Study the groupings and plan to do all the sites in that area at the same time.

  • Dublin Castle, City Hall, Chester Beatty Library
  • Museum of Ireland Archaeology, Little Museum of Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland, Museum of Ireland Natural History (aka Dead Zoo)
Dublinia and Christchurch Cathedral are connected via this dramatic stone arch. Dublin travel tips.
Dublinia and Christchurch Cathedral are connected via this dramatic stone arch. Tour Dublinia first as you cross the arch to the Cathedral as you exit.

Get In Fast

Fast Track entry, the ability to skip the queues, is available at most attractions.

Look in your guide under the facilities section for the arrow.

Be Realistic with Your Tour Times 

You can expect to visit 3, maybe 4, of these attractions per day. Any more and you will find yourself incredibly rushed.

The minimum recommended time for EPIC is 90 minutes, though I spent over 3 hours here. Tip: If you are short on time rent an audio guide for your tour or get it free on the museum's app.

Stamp you passport as you journey through EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is massive. With over 20 rooms filled with interactive displays you don't want to rush through!

Both the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology and Natural History can keep you enthralled for a couple hours.

And Guinness Storehouse can take 2-3 hours depending on how long you savor your pint and enjoy the view.

Know that Some Attractions Require Reservations

These are mainly the walking and cycling tours, but popular spots like Guinness Storehouse recommend reservations, as well.

Remember that Some Attractions are Always Free

Many of the museums are already free to visit; your Dublin Pass adds a ‘premium', often a free guidebook or cafe discount. Keep this is mind when planning your Dublin Pass use if these gifts aren't of interest to you.

Budding archaeologist at National Museum of Ireland Archaeology. Dublin with kids. Ireland travel tips.
My budding archaeologist utilizing the free activity sheets at the National Museum of Ireland Archaeology.

Stay in the City

The Dublin Pass includes some incredible spots outside the city, including Malahide Castle, Skerries Mill, and Glasnevin Cemetery Museum.

Malahide Castle's hidden door. Dublin with kids. Ireland travel tips.
Malahide Castle's hidden door

While these are fabulous places to visit, they can take time to travel to, decreasing the time you can use to visit city centre sights.

To maximize your Dublin Pass usage stay in the city centre, and only venture out to these if you have time remaining.

Which Dublin Pass is Right for You?

The Dublin Pass is available in 1 to 5 day denominations.

Child cards are for ages 5-15.

As you are studying the sites you can visit with the Dublin Pass, two of Dublin's most popular attractions are conspicuously absent.

The Book of Kells at Trinity College and Kilmainham Gaol.

These are two very popular Dublin attractions, and in the high season tour times can fill weeks in advance. While not confirmed, my suspicion is that these sites would not be available to handle additional tourists hoping to avail of a Fast Track entry and prebooking with the Dublin Pass just isn't available at this time.

KIlmainham Gaol and Book of Kells/ Long Room at Trinty College can fill a couple hours each, at minimum, so if they are on your ‘must see in Dublin' list, purchase a Dublin Pass that is at least one day less than your time in the city.

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Dublin travel tips: use a Dublin Pass to save time & money in Ireland's capital city

Do you have any questions about using the Dublin Pass? Leave a comment below- I always respond!

Looking for more tips? Visit my County Dublin Travel Tips page!

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