Plan Your Vacation to Ireland

All the tips you need – in order! – to plan your dream vacation to Ireland!

Ireland Travel Tips You Need in 2023

What you need to know as you begin planning your Ireland vacation this year.

Get the expert advice here.

2023 Ireland travel tips

When is the best time to visit Ireland?

Quite honestly, any time you can go to Ireland is a good time to visit!

Learn more about when to visit Ireland in this month-by-month guide.

How long should your Ireland vacation last?

Don't let anyone tell you that the amount of time you have isn't ‘enough' time to visit Ireland.

However long you have in Ireland is ‘enough' for your vacation.

Get my opinion & learn what science says is the perfect vacation length here.

Ireland vacation, Doolin, County Clare

How much does an Ireland vacation cost?

Everything from your airfare and accommodation choices down to the things you see and do play into your Ireland trip cost.

Instead, ask “How much can I spend on MY vacation to Ireland,” and use these tips to create your dream vacation to Ireland.

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What documents do you need to visit Ireland?

Passport or visa?
Do I need something different if I plan to visit Northern Ireland?

And what if I want to extend my stay?

All the info you need to know is right here.

Should I buy travel insurance for my Ireland vacation?

Insurance provides protection against risk.

Tips to help determine your risk threshold and advice for what to look for when buying travel insurance.

Sunrise Thick Clouds over Ireland

Tips for booking your flights to Ireland.

Advice to help you find the best flight deals, determine which airport to use, and help you avoid too many ‘extra' charges.

Get these 5 Ireland flight booking tips (plus more in-depth advice).

Plan your perfect Ireland itinerary.

How to figure out if the ‘must see' spots should be on your itinerary, saving money on your vacation to Ireland, and choosing what to see & do.

Here are 4 tips to create your Ireland itinerary.


Finding the best places to stay in Ireland.

Castles. Resorts. Hotels. Inns. Bed & breakfasts. Hostels. Camping.

Lodging advice to help you find your perfect accommodations.

How do I get around Ireland?

A breakdown of all the transportation options in Ireland. From bus and train to chauffeur and ferry.

Learn how to travel around Ireland.

Shannon Ferries - a Shortcut along the Wild Atlantic Way. Ireland vacation tip.

How to Use the Leap Card

The Leap Card and Leap Visitor Card are a great way for travelers in Ireland to save money on public transportation. But both have some limitations.

Learn more about the Leap Card.

Everything you need to know about car rental in Ireland.

How to choose your car, how to save money on car rentals, and car rental costs to be aware of.

Here's how to rent a car in Ireland (in 8 simple steps).

car at Durrow Viaduct, County Waterford, Ireland
county road in County Clare, Ireland

Ireland Driving Tips for Tourists

Everything you need to know! Starting with the basics – driving on the left and staying in the slow lane – to how to use a roundabout and everything you need to know about Irish roads.

You'll want to save these 30+ tips to review!

What clothes do I need to pack for an Ireland vacation?

Get the Ireland capsule wardrobe (only 13 items!) for adults & kids plus how to alter the list by season.

Check out your Ireland packing list here.

Atop O'Brien's Tower as the sun sets. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
packing tips for your Ireland vacation

Ireland vacation packing tips.

What you pack for your Ireland vacation is important – but so is what you leave at home.

Tips for what to pack, where to pack it (checked or carry-on), and how to avoid overpacking PLUS more handy tips on what you do and don't need to take on your Ireland vacation.

All the pro tips are right here.

How to stay connected in Ireland.

Want to use your mobile phone in Ireland but you're worried about an expensive bill when you get home?

6 easy tips for using your mobile phone in Ireland.

how to use your mobile phone in Ireland

What money do you use in Ireland?

Ireland's main currency is the Euro. But most places you visit will take credit and debit cards.

Here's how to get cash for your Ireland vacation.

What to know about your flight to Ireland.

Depending on where you board your flight you may have between 5-11 hours of flight time.

Tips for how to rest on the plane, feel refreshed when you land, and fight jet lag.

Sunrise Thick Clouds over Ireland
Boxty Platter at the Boxty House, Temple Bar, Dublin

Worried about what you'll eat in Ireland?

Irish food is delicious! From traditional Irish foods to innovative combinations, Irish food is fresh and local.

Explore food experiences, find places to shop for food, and learn about how to eat in Ireland with food allergies.

The guide to eating well during your Ireland vacation is right here.

Finding the best Ireland souvenirs.

The best Ireland souvenirs for everyone in your family.

PLUS where to buy souvenirs and how to receive your VAT refund when you leave Ireland.

Get your shopping tips here.

Shopping at Burren Perfumery. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |

Your Step-by-Step Ireland Vacation Planner

My Ireland Vacation Planner & Journal

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