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When it comes to choosing your Ireland vacation clothing I have one tip: think layers!

Because Ireland weather doesn't vary much during the year – temperatures don't often drop below freezing in the winter or reach above 75°F (appx 24°C) in the warmest months- a core packing list with a few changes based on season makes packing for your Ireland vacation easier than you might imagine.

Clothes to Pack for Your Ireland Vacation

As I mentioned, you want to think about clothing that layers easily. I recommend packing 4-5 complete outfits, making sure they can ‘mix & match' to create different looks, and using a couple of accent pieces (accessories, a sweater, or t-shirts) to add a pop of color.

Ireland Capsule Wardrobe

Your basic Ireland packing list includes just over a dozen items.

  • short & long sleeve shirts for layering (5 total)
  • comfortable pants for travel (2 pair)
  • jeans (1; no more than 2 pair)
  • warm socks (5 pair – and always keep a dry pair with you!)
  • jacket or sweater for layering (1)
  • jacket to keep you warm & dry (1)
  • water resistant or waterproof boots or shoes (1 pair)
  • comfortable walking shoes for cities (1 pair)

If you have plans for a nice evening out or your accommodations require you to ‘dress for dinner' add

  • Ladies: a simple dress or pants & top that won't wrinkle. Pair with your sweater, comfortable city walking shoes, and simple jewelry.
  • Gents: A nice pair of pants, button down shirt, and jacket (if required), along with your comfortable city walking shoes, should see you set.
Across the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge, County Antrim, Ireland.
When packing for your Ireland vacation think layers!
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Kids Packing List for an Ireland Vacation

For kids follow the same capsule list above – easy peasy!

If your kids are under 7 you may want to add a couple extra outfits and a few more pair of warm socks.

Make sure the shoes you bring can be cleaned. And if you need a pair of wellies you can purchase them cheaply in Ireland – and donate them before you head home.

If bringing a stroller be sure to pack a rain cover. Truly, it will be the best money you spend.

Altering the Ireland Packing List by Season

Spring & Early Fall

The capsule wardrobe is perfect for the months of April, May, June and September.

Be sure your jacket is midweight and water resistant or waterproof. Make sure you can add layers under if needed and always be sure it has a hood for rainy days.


In July & August opt for more short sleeve base layers, but be sure you have at least one long sleeve shirt, just in case you need it.

Your jacket can be lighter weight but be sure it is water resistant. A hood is never a bad idea.

Late Fall & Winter

Opt for warmer layers now, and consider adding an extra sweater or flannel shirt for warmth.

When choosing a jacket make sure it is waterproof and warm. You will want a hood, as well as a hat & gloves.

Also consider adding base layer tights- Merino wool long underwear are lightweight and so warm!

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