Do You Need Travel Insurance for an Ireland Vacation

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With the Coronavirus still raging you may wonder if it is ‘safe' to plan a trip. And if you do need to cancel, how can you avoid the financial loss? Travel insurance is something you should definitely consider for your Ireland vacation.
Please note that because Coronavirus is a ‘known event' it is excluded from standard travel insurance policies. To cover cancellation due to Coronavirus you need to purchase a policy that specifically includes Coronavirus Pandemic coverage.~ Jody

“Do I need travel insurance for an Ireland vacation?”

It's a question I receive often, and one that doesn't have the same answer for everyone as it has to do with risk, as well as figuring out the coverage you may already have.

Since the question is on the table, lets delve into it piece by piece.

Do You Need Travel insurance for your Ireland vacation

Why You Might Need Travel Insurance for an Ireland Vacation

It's helpful to begin by simply pointing out the purpose of insurance, which is to provide you with a form of protection against a possible risk.

How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

This varies from person to person, family to family. What is your threshold? Some people may say $1000, while others say $5000.

Another way to think of it is, “If my family couldn't go on our vacation, how would it affect us financially to lose the money we spent?”

Ireland castle vacation. A welcome drink upon arrival at Ashford Castle.
Can you replace your dream vacation if it gets cancelled?

That last question puts a bit different spin on it, yes? Would you want to reschedule the trip? Or replace it with something else? If so, purchasing travel insurance would be a good idea.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Packaged policies will cost from 4-8% of your trip cost and often include coverage for trip cancellation and delay, interruption (in case you have to return home suddenly), medical costs, and lost or delayed baggage.

Additional options include Coronavirus pandemic coverage, medical coverage, medical evacuation coverage, and ‘cancel for any reason'. Adding these options will raise the cost of your travel insurance.

It's important to remember that not all policies are created equal, so thoroughly read the policy details and compare before purchasing travel insurance for an Ireland vacation.

But first…  Figure Out the Coverage You Already Have!

You may have quite a bit of travel insurance that you aren't aware of! Do you use a credit card for travel? Have homeowners or renters insurance? You likely have a bit of coverage already.

For example, World Mastercard offers lost or delayed baggage coverage, trip cancellation or curtailment coverage, trip delay and missed connection coverage, accident, medical, hospital, and emergency evacuation coverage when the trip is paid for using this credit card. Travel Assist services are also offered (but are not insurance).

Check your credit card for coverage when used to book your trip.

Check your personal insurance coverage for theft and losses away from home. Talk to your insurance agent before leaving home if you travel with expensive electronic equipment. An inexpensive rider on your policy could cover those items for theft during travel.

What Else Do You Need?

If I am planning a trip far in advance, I often want “Cancel for any reason” coverage. While this type of coverage reimburses only 75% of your trip costs, it helped us save our trip a few years ago when a planned 5 week journey fell apart and became a 10 day jaunt.

Note: Cancel for Any Reason coverage is a time-sensitive coverage. In most cases it needs to be purchased 7-21 days after the first vacation payment has been made (time limits vary based on insurance company).

I Recommend Purchasing Travel Insurance for an Ireland Vacation Package

Any time you purchase a vacation package or work with a tour operator you should strongly consider purchasing travel insurance. As was recently seen with Thomas Cook, and has been seen in the past, unexpected closure of any travel company leaves many travelers without any support system.

Many times these travelers arrive at their destination unaware of any issues- until they attempt to pick up a rental car, board a train, or check in to their first accommodation.

A good travel insurance policy will not only provide the support necessary to continue the vacation, but will soften the financial blow of the additional costs for transportation, accommodation, and other loses.

But… you may not want to purchase the coverage offered by the tour operator, airline, or cruise company.

Where Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Trip operators, airlines, cruise companies, even travel agents, offer travel insurance plans. Often these policies have a mark-up, or the coverage isn't as good as a third-party insurer. Some may only offer vouchers for future travel as opposed to cash. Be sure to do your homework, read all terms & conditions, and compare policies before purchasing any travel insurance.

A quick search for ‘travel insurance' will give you many (many) options. I have a couple travel insurance companies I use, depending on my needs. Allianz Travel Insurance is well respected, assisting their clients with travel delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies, even covering airline strikes and terrorism.

But, they don't offer ‘cancel for any reason‘ coverage, which is what I look for and recommend. So, for that, I turn to Squaremouth, an easy-to-use comparison site that allows me to search for policies by terms and price. Their site is so easy to use and begins with very simple questions to help narrow down your selections. With over 100 policies available and 54,000 reviews you can be assured of finding the right policy for your trip. Coronavirus Pandemic coverage is also available.

Another travel insurance comparison site that offers both ‘cancel for any reason' and Coronavirus Pandemic coverage is Insure My Trip. In business for over 20 years (it was the nation's first travel insurance comparison site) and largest aggregator, you'll find a plan to fit your needs.

When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

You can buy travel insurance any time before you depart on your trip. Personally I buy my insurance just after I secure my flights and car rental, or book a tour.


Because you never know what will happen. Maybe the travel company, rental company, or airline files for bankruptcy and closes its doors. Your money- and possibly your trip- are gone.

When should you buy travel insurance

Also, most travel insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions that are under control if you buy the policy soon after making that trip payment. Up to 20% of travel insurance claims can be traced to pre-existing conditions, so this may be an important consideration for you. (Be sure to read your policies carefully and look for the coverage you know you need!

Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Your Ireland Vacation?

Only you can answer that question. What is your threshold for risk?

Do I buy it? Not all the time. Am I thankful when I do buy it and end up needing it? Always.

For more information on travel insurance, visit the US Travel Insurance Association.

Save These Important Tips for Your Next Vacation!

Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Your Ireland Vacation? Tips to help you weigh your risks, figure out what you already have, and decide what you need.


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    […] Be sure to read the terms and conditions! What is the cancellation policy? Might trip insurance be a good idea? (Don't purchase the travel insurance offered with the vacation package without doing your research! Learn more about travel insurance here.) […]

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    Tell me do I have to pay extra for insurance if I rent a car?

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