Cool Facts about Ireland Winter Vacations

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When fewer tourists are in Ireland you can actually get more vacation!

Airfare to Ireland begins to fall in September, and by October rates are as low as you will likely see them. (Read my tips for finding great airfare to Ireland!)  

The package deals on Ireland winter vacations are often incredible- airfare, car and lodging- for one low price. (See 4 Steps to Choosing the Best Ireland Vacation Package for You).

But why would anyone want to visit Ireland during the “darker half” of the year?  Can you really have a fabulous vacation in Ireland when the days are shorter, the nights are longer and the air is chillier?

The short answer?  YES!

The Burren, in County Clare, is filled with surprises. Like this colt, its fuzzy winter coat keeping it warm as chilly fall winds blow in from the Atlantic. Ireland Vacation
The Burren, in County Clare, is filled with surprises. Like this colt, its fuzzy winter coat keeping it warm as chilly fall winds blow in from the Atlantic. Photo was taken in Late October as the days became shorter and the weather much cooler.

5 Reasons to Travel to Ireland in Fall and Winter

Great Deals

Mid-October marks the beginning of the “off-season” in Ireland, which runs through the end of April. With the exception of Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, this is the slow tourism season for Ireland- which means your money will go further!

Even if you don't snag a package deal, you'll see that prices on everything from Ireland hotels, B&Bs, and even car rentals drop in the off-season.

Everything you need to know about car rental in Ireland

Fewer Crowds

Or no crowds at all!

While some attractions close during the off-season, many do stay open through mid-December, closing or limiting their hours in January and February. This is a great time to tour popular sites without hoards of people around.

When we visited Cahir Castle in November my family explored the grounds without another tourist in site. With fewer tourists, the guides at Bunratty Castle have time to share little known facts. And the Cliffs of Moher seem even larger when not swarming with visitors.

Croagh Patrick, County Mayo, after a snow storm
The Holy Mountain of Croagh Patrick after a snow storm

More Craic at the Pub

While traditional music may not play nightly in the off-season you'll still find plenty of craic at the pubs.

A pub is not a bar, though you will find plenty of pints being lifted, but a public house; a gathering place for people to come together, young and old. And when the weather turns sour and darkness falls early people tend to congregate near a crackling fire and conversation. Join them, enjoy the stories, buy a pint or two for the interesting characters, and share your own tales. There is no better way to enjoy Ireland.

Ireland in October

Halloween in Ireland

Zombies at Church at Bunratty Castle. Ireland family vacation. Ireland vacation tips
Even the church at Bunratty Folk Park isn't safe from Zombies at Halloween.

Halloween derived from an old Celtic festival known as Samhain (sow-en) and Ireland is an ideal location to celebrate the Eve of All Hallows and explore the traditions that have stretched through the centuries!

From haunted castles to stone circles, Ireland has plenty of ‘thin places' that bring you closer to the ‘otherworld' as the Celtic calendar winds to a close.

My choice for Halloween in Ireland? Stay on the western side of the country, arrive and depart at Shannon Airport, if possible.

Three Spooktacular Castle Celebrations • Halloween in the West of Ireland • Wizarding School & A Magical Stay at Ashford Castle  

Ireland in November and December

Christmas Markets

Mid-November into early December brings Christmas markets, filled with offerings from local artisans. Plush Irish woolen knits, gorgeous jewelry and handcrafted toys share space with delectable cheeses, perfectly smoked meats and Christmas pudding.

Some markets run for only a few days while others have a festival atmosphere for weeks on end. (Tip: Irish Christmas markets seem to come and go. My best recommendation is to do a web search with the city or location you will be visiting as well as the year; ie Killarney Christmas Market 2017. Another option is the website, though the list is by no means complete.)

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Tips for Winter Vacations in Ireland

We've vacationed in Ireland three times in October and twice in November. Our days were crisp but mostly clear, though short, with sunset around 5pm.

  • If your plans involve driving try to do it early in the day. It can be difficult to navigate dark roads you don't know- and find your destination- as the sun sets.
  • Stay in town centres or villages and go out in the evenings. Just because it's dark doesn't mean you should stay inside the B&B. Ask your hosts for evening activity ideas- you may find out at a wonderful local event.
  • Take the time to talk with the guides at sites you visit. With fewer tourists coming through the doors they have more time to share tales and offer advice.
  • Buy a wool sweater. No, they don't come cheap, but it's the perfect item to layer. And every time you wear it back home it brings back terrific memories!
  • Don't forget: gloves, hat and scarf (also great items to purchase in Ireland!), warm socks, and water resistant walking boots.
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