Ireland Vacation Package Tips | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 38

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Choosing an Ireland
Vacation Package

If you are considering giving a trip to Ireland as a gift, then you definitely want to listen to these Ireland vacation package tips! On this podcast, Jody answers frequently asked questions about this subject and offers tips for purchasing the best Ireland vacation package for you.

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What to Know About Booking a Vacation:

Handy links & vacation packages I recommend (and why)! READ: How to choose an Ireland Vacation Package

MOST IMPORTANT: Look at the terms and conditions and read it thoroughly!
Basic Questions:

  • Find out what is included in this package. (Ex: Air fare, Hotel, Car, # of People, Dates, etc.)
  • Where is the departure price from?
    • Check for a city close to you; different cities will have different prices than what is advertised.
  • What are the travel dates?
    • Make sure it is a date that works for you. Prices can change depending on when you travel.
  • How is it priced?
    • Number of people and additional baggage prices can vary.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with this vacation package?
    • Work through the info until you find contact info. Copy this info.
  • Do you need trip insurance for this?

Lodging Questions:

  • Where are your lodgings?. How far away are they from your destinations and airports?
  • What are the hotel ratings?
  • Are the activities I want to participate in available during my travel times? (Some activities and attractions are seasonal, research these before purchasing.)

Paperwork Questions:

Closing remarks:

More often than not, vacation packages are not a good fit for most people because they rarely offer the flexibility that most people want or need. If this is the case, you have other options:

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