Ireland Travel Tip : Create an Ireland Scavenger Hunt

Ireland Scavenger Hunt
“Get as many autographs of the Aer Lingus flight crew as you can”

I'm going to be very (very) honest when I say that  I had thought about creating an Ireland Scavenger Hunt for my kids when they were a bit older, but had kind of written it off as too much work.

And, knowing my Type-A self as I do, it likely could have been and overwhelming project. Thankfully Amy Mapes, whose family I provided Ireland vacation coaching, shared the Ireland-sized scavenger hunt she created for her kids.

Says Amy, “I quietly compiled questions. Some I knew the answers to, some I didn’t. I printed out the questions and glued them in two blank artists’ books. I kept them a surprise until we were waiting at our departure gate. This was not a competition between the kids but rather the challenge was for them to work together to complete the task. It was meant to help them look more closely at things and to ask questions.”

You can view the questions Amy created for her kids, and see how she put her scavenger hunt books together at her blog Mapes Family Adventures. What a memorable souvenir of their Ireland family vacation!

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