Highs and Lows on the Ring of Kerry

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This morning did not produce those amazing Ring of Kerry views…

In fact, the fog was so thick in places that there were no views at all.


But it didn't ruin our day!

We had an amazing soak in old Jameson barrels at Sneem Seaweed Baths.


Located in a wooded glen overlooking the River Sneem, and just behind the Sneem Hotel, this is a unique and relaxing experience.

Listen to my chat with Stephanie about the Sneem Seaweed Baths.

Traveling in Ireland podcast episode 204


After our relaxing soak we made a quick stop in Kenmare to visit the stone circle, then traveled back toward Killarney through Moll's Gap – with a quick stop at Avoca.


The Ladies View was visible today (yesterday was quite foggy), so we made a quick photo stop, before continuing on to Torc Waterfall, which was crashing down the rocks due to this week's rain.


Tonight we are in Killarney at Killarney Lodge, a lovely guesthouse right across from the national park and at in easy walking distance of the town centre.

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