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Beautiful Memories from the Dingle Peninsula

Once upon a time, before the thought of kids or marriage had entered my mind, I took a vacation to Ireland.  Just me, self navigating from the “wrong” side of the road, following a map, often getting lost and having the greatest adventure of my life.

I was loading the images from that trip into my computer the other day, reliving that adventure (and aching to return to Ireland). I hope you'll excuse the graininess of the images- digital cameras were very new then; though not the most beautiful shots, the memories of these images fill me with indescribable happiness and remind me why the Dingle Peninsula is so magical.

Rainbow over Dingle Bay
Rainbow over Dingle Bay
"Traffic" on the Dingle Peninsula
"Traffic" on the Dingle Peninsula

I would choose to visit the Dingle Peninsula over the Ring of Kerry any day.  Though I would stay a few days, Dingle is a terrific day trip out of Killarney.

These images are part of Photo Friday hosted by Delicious Baby.

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  2. I was looking back over my photos of our pre-kids early 20s trip to Europe earlier in the year and it brought back such happy memories. Sadly yes digital cameras back then aren’t what they are today but then memories they bring back are still priceless. I’m glad you got to relive such a happy moment, thanks for sharing.

  3. As much as I love travelling with my husband and daughter, it’s so fun to think back to the pre-family travelling days!

  4. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good cup of tea and a pile of photographs to remember those moments from our travels. I have been pulling out pictures from trips I took years ago lately. It has been fun to think about all those vacations.

  5. I love how a photo can take you back to such a fun & happy time! I think the pics are fantastic – looks like a wonderful trip despite all the “traffic” you encountered!