Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland

Ireland is a dream vacation.

The land of saints and scholars, myths and magic.

Magical castles and haunting ruins.

Mist shrouded hills and warm, inviting pubs.

Ireland is a land that calls to you.

I understand.

You want see and experience all that you can.

You want to dance in pubs.

You want to walk on the stones at the Giant's Causeway.

You want to drive round the Ring of Kerry.

You want to stand atop the Cliffs of Moher.

You want to cross Dublin's Ha'Penny Bridge.

HaPenny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

You want to experience Ireland

But you don't want to be rushed.

You want to see Ireland at your own pace, not someone else's.

You want to make memories that will last a lifetime.

And you want to do it with your family.

Ireland Family Vacations can help

Researching and planning a trip to Ireland can be overwhelming.  For it's small size, Ireland offers visitors to her shores an untold number of experiences.  And while it's tempting to try to “do it all”…  you can't.

Let Ireland Family Vacations help you plan a magical Ireland holiday tailored to your family's interests and desires, allowing you to focus on your family and the magic that is an Ireland vacation.

Services and Products from Ireland Family Vacations

Ross Castle, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland


Ireland Family Vacations was born of Ireland travel questions.  Families wanting to experience the magic of Ireland wrote to me asking for itinerary suggestions and recommendations.  These families didn't want a one-size-fits-most escorted coach tour, instead desiring an itinerary that fit their travel style.   They wanted the kind of advice that comes from first hand experiences of traveling in Ireland with a family.  These busy families wanted a memorable, magical vacation in Ireland without the feeling of being overwhelmed that often comes with planning a family vacation to an unknown destination.  They wanted ideas and options with the ability to follow the road less traveled if it beckoned.

That's where Ireland Family Vacations can help.

Are you ready to plan your dream vacation in Ireland?