Irishisms with Author Denise Deegan | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 109

Today's podcast will help you avoid a scaldy sambo, navigate your morning fry, and give you a few tips for phrases so you don't make a clanger as you chat with the lads at the evening sesh.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Listen – or read on!


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When you visit Ireland you're likely to hear a few words that you recognize – but they are used differently than at home.
A few American to Irish examples…- Biscuit is a cookie, not a fluffy baked good.- Chips are fries while crisps are chips.- Boot is the trunk of your vehicle.- And craic, well, that's the news, gossip, or good fun, not an illicit substance.
But there are far more ‘Irishisms' that may leave you baffled. Or just confused as to the actual meaning of a phrase.

Author Denise Deegan has written a charming wee book of ‘Irishisms‘ – words that almost seem to elevate the Irish above the English language.


Irishisms is written under Denise's pen name of Aimee Alexander. This book a very different direction from the novels she usually writes. A chance conversation with an American friend led Denise to take note of all the different ‘Irishisms' that she used, and heard, daily. And it really just built from there.

As Denise was writing the book she shared the progress with her readers and fans who requested other topics to include in the book – like information on Irish names.

Chapters in the book are short and sweet – but really useful. It's perfect for a fun evening in a pub or even as a primer for your trip to Ireland!


The chapter titled ‘Avoid these like the Plague' is especially fun. It's filled with words and phrases you will never hear spoken by the Irish.

Another chapter to dig into is ‘Tricks to Make Your Sentences More Irish'.  The use of a single word in just the right way instantly makes you sound more Irish. Often this is a string of past tense verbs or repeating what you've just said.

Learn more about Denise at her author sites Denise Deegan and Aimee Alexander.
Or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Buy Irishisms on Amazon.


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