Dingle and its Hinterland

Dingle and its Hinterland

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If you really want to dig in and explore the Dingle Peninsula you will find no better guide than this book of people and places along this southwestern peninsula in County Clare.

Written by Felicity Hayes-McCoy, and photographed by her husband Wilf Judd, this book tells the story of the area as it takes you on an insiders tour.

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From Amazon: The tip of the Dingle Peninsula, at the westernmost edge of Europe, is one of Ireland's most isolated regions. For millennia, it has also been a hub for foreign visitors: its position made it a medieval centre for traders, and the wildness of its remote landscape has been the setting for spiritual pilgrimage. This seeming paradox is what makes Dingle and its western hinterland unique: the ancient, native culture has been preserved, while also being influenced by the world at large. This rich heritage is best understood by chatting with the people who live and work here. But how many visitors get that opportunity? Starting with Dingle town, Felicity Hayes-McCoy takes us on an insiders' tour of the region, interviewing locals along the way, ranging from farmers, postmasters and boatmen to museum curators, radio presenters and sean-nos singers. A resident for the last twenty years, Felicity offers practical information and advice as well as cultural insights that will give any visitor a deeper understanding of this special place.

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