10 of the Best Castles to Visit in Ireland

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Bunratty Castle - one of the best castles to visit in Ireland
Bunratty castle

When you think of Ireland, you can't help but think of castles. Castle ruins, beautifully restored castles, castles that lie somewhere in between. What I've learned from traveling through Ireland with kids is that not every castle is worthy of a stop. Castle fatigue is possible (yes, really). “Not another castle!” actually escaped my girls' mouths when they were younger.

When planning your itinerary you want to have a nice mix of stops adults will like and attractions for kids. While castles appeal to both, I believe the castles listed in this post I wrote for Tenon Tours are 10 of the best castles to visit in Ireland.

10 Irish Castles Your Kids Will Love Visiting

I was once told that Irish castles are like street signs – there’s one on every corner. While that’s not quite true, Ireland is filled with castles and castle ruins. And while you could certainly fill an entire vacation touring castles in Ireland, when you’re traveling in Ireland with kids, you want to make sure there is something there everyone will love.  

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Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kilkenny Castle


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